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do you ever want to kiss someone so much and so passionately that it’s driving you insane

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That video of the family disowning their son because he’s gay gets me so fucking angry. What kid of “God” would say it’s okay for you to treat your own flesh and blood like that. Homosexuality isn’t the problem with this world, it’s fucking religion (along with other things) Religion has been the backbone of countless wars and hatred. People have spread hate and fear “in the name of God”. The sad thing is people will never give up the idea of God because humanity needs a crutch to fall on when they are weak and a voice to lift them up when they have fallen instead of realizing that you live your life for yourself and not for some book that contains ” the word of God”… I have never said that you are wrong about your beliefs, everyone is entitled to your own opinion in whatever you want, but right now all i have to say is get your fucking shit together. That’s my soap box for the year. I’ll go back to keeping my religious opinions to myself…


Back on this gym fleexxxxxx

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Dad kicks me out because he doesnt understand how to read a fucking text.